3 Benefits of Custom Window Shades

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Home decor is almost quite literally the icing on the cake. We invest great amounts in our floors, layouts, and renovations, but often it is the supplemental additions we make to a home that truly personalize it as our own. Window shades are a source of color and texture in a home. Here are three advantages to having custom shades.

Light Control

In areas that receive substantial winters and summers, it is convenient to have a mechanism that works for both. Letting light inside in the winter can warm your home, and, vice versa, keeping light out in the summer may help keep it cool. The sun can also be quite glaring at certain times of day in the summer, and whether you’re just waking up or straining in the afternoon having the means to filter the light can be a relief. According to the Department of Energy, drawn draperies can even reduce heat loss in the winter by up to 10%.


Having the means to make your home private is also an extremely important feature. Window blinds, plantation shutters, custom window shades, it doesn’t matter so long as your family game nights, movie nights, dinner parties, and date nights are kept out of the watchful eyes of neighbors. Custom blinds can help you set the mood both in their function and their color and texture, as the latter two features may change the color and brightness of light in the room. Keep your stress levels down and your family satisfaction up with an opaque or translucent set of blinds.


Curtains go in and out of style like anything else, but they can be much more difficult to deal with at times. Blinds and shades may offer greater control over covering windows, compared to thin curtains that won’t stay closed or billow in the wind. Curtains, unfortunately, may need to be replaced when renovations are done too if they no longer match the room’s aesthetic. Shades and blinds are safe choices since they are more neutral and can go with any home addition

If you are in the St. Louis or St. Charles areas of Missouri, consider our services for custom window shades. We’ll help you find the best options for your home!

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