Aluminum Blinds Offering Unprecedented Customization for St Louis Windows

Modern metal blinds now give you more choices than ever with customized products to fit your budget and your lifestyle as well. Metal blinds have always been your most affordable option, but originally there were no ways to customize them according to their size, colors, and method of operation.

Metal window blinds are attractive and sleek, and they go with any decor in your house or business you may have. They mount inside the window frame to give you a simplified appearance to blend in with their surroundings so other items in your rooms can shine!

The Best Product For Your Window Treatments

St. Louis Aluminum or metal window blinds are very popular among households with small children and pets. They are extremely durable and can stand up to being handled roughly without breaking or bending very easily, such as vinyl blinds do. They are a streamlined custom window treatment that is a great option for any high-traffic areas in your home, such as the living room and kitchen, although they work well in any window you may have.

You can choose from an almost endless selection of colors for your blinds in matte finishes, or in shiny colors to add some texture and interest to your windows.

Choose the size of metal blinds vanes that best fit your window size from 1/2-inch, 1-inch, or 2-inch. The larger vane sizes look best in larger windows, and they don’t block your view to the outside as much when you open the vanes.

Modern metal blinds give you the option of a premium feature of the slats being made to nest together better when your blinds are fully open. This gives you a stack at the top of the window that is about half the size of a standard metal or aluminum blind.

You can also choose between your control options that are child and pet-safe with no dangling cords as the original corded blinds had. The push/pull control is a cordless option that you merely raise and lower from the bottom rail and use a wand to tilt the slats. The push button style has a button that you press on the bottom rail to lift and lower your blinds to any height with a tilting wand for vane control. The Smart automated blinds tie into your Smart home’s hub so you can program them to any position at any time of the day or night.

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Benefits of Using Aluminum Blinds

Enjoy all of the new options available e in custom aluminum blinds as well as many benefits such as:

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