6 Benefits of Using Cellular Shades for Sliding Glass Doors

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More and more homeowners are discovering the versatility and advantages of installing cellular shades on their sliding glass doors. With customized options for privacy, insulation, child safety, and light control, cellular shades offer unique benefits over typical sliding door treatments. This article explores six reasons why cellular shades deserve consideration for your sliding doors.

1. Control Privacy While Letting Light In

honeycomb shades

Honeycomb shades, also called cellular shades, feature distinct-shaped cells that can expand and contract to diffuse incoming sunlight. When expanded, these cells limit visibility into the home while still allowing outdoor light to enter. The flexible design makes cellular shades a custom privacy solution for sliding doors. They prevent neighbors and passersby from peering in, while enabling you to tune the exact light level in your home.

2. Insulate for Energy Savings

With their honeycomb structure trapping air inside the cells, cordless cellular shades add an insulating layer to drafty sliding doors. The trapped air acts as a buffer against outside temperatures. Tests show cellular shades can reduce heat loss by up to 25%, keeping your home warmer in winter and cutting heating bills. Their fitted style also reduces gaps that allow air leaks around the sides of the door. Adding cellular shades is an energy-upgrading home improvement.

3. Protect Interiors from Sun Damage

Slide cellular shades closed to guard indoor furnishings from excessive sunlight streaming through sliding glass doors. As UV light fades fabrics, wood finishes, and artwork over time, controlling this exposure preserves the life of interior investments like flooring, sofas, and décor. With adjustable vanes, cellular shades filter the desired amount of light while blocking over 95% of UV rays. Say goodbye to discolored furnishings placed too close to the bright sliding door light.

4. Child & Pet Safety Features

Cellular Shade

For families with young children or indoor pets, cordless cellular shades remove risks posed by exposed cords on traditional blinds. Without dangling pulls, vulnerable hands and paws can get tangled in, cellular shades prevent household accidents and injuries near sliding doors. Their cord-free lifting design incorporates spring tension or easy push-up raising instead. Clean sight lines keep the view unobstructed while ensuring child safety.

5. A Custom Look Made to Fit

Tired of sagging vertical blinds or curtains that fail to cover sliding door expanses? Cellular shades offer custom-made precision for even the widest sliding glass openings. Available in exact widths and tiered lengths to align across multiple panels, honeycomb shades fill the entire space without light leaks or gaps. With abundant style and color selection too, the clean tailored aesthetic complements today’s interiors with on-trend options from leading brands.

6. Low Maintenance & Easy Coordination

Once cellular shades are professionally measured and installed to fit your sliding doors perfectly, their fuss-free design requires minimal upkeep compared to drapes. Avoiding fabric means less dusting and easy cleaning when needed. Outdoorsy spaces like patios see food spills, pet hair and muddy paws too. Cellular shades handle activity without risk of damage. Beyond convenience, their neutral tones make coordinating window and door treatments effortless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Honeycomb (cellular) Shades

Roller shades or panel track shades work well for sliding doors over 90 inches wide. Top-down/bottom-up shades allow the top and bottom sections to cover any part of the opening. The best are cordless cellular shades for safety and sleek aesthetics.

Blackout cellular shades, backed with a dark opaque lining, can fully darken a room. Standard light-filtering cellular shades still provide increased privacy over blinds, but some light comes through the cells. For bedrooms, blackout shades ensure maximum darkness.

Yes, cordless cellular shades are recommended for sliding doors to avoid dangling cords at face/hand height that pose risks for children and pets. Cordless shades lift using spring mechanisms, a continuous loop, or easy push-up raising instead. This removes cords while still operating smoothly.

Cellular Shades Check All the Boxes for Sliding Doors

With their ability to filter natural light while ensuring privacy, insulating efficiencies, child safety, and seamless coordination with surrounding décor, cellular shades are an optimal solution for covering sliding glass doors. Their fitted and customizable nature lends them well to even the widest openings. By controlling sunlight and heat gain, cellular shades create indoor comfort while preventing furnishings from sun damage.

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