7 Tips for Choosing Window Coverings for Your St Louis Home

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Choosing window coverings for your home can be quite a task with all of the different types and styles of window shading products on the market today. There are shades, shutters, blinds, drapery, curtains, and more from which to choose. Whether you are choosing window treatments for a new home, a remodel job, or just to freshen up your indoor spaces, it helps to learn about the qualities of the products to make the best-informed decision possible.

Our Top Tips for Choosing the Right Window Coverings


There are several items to consider when choosing the right window treatments so they can give you all the qualities you need, be highly functional, and aesthetically pleasing, and also look fabulous while flowing with each other in all the rooms in your home.


Tips #1 Consider the Window Coverings Purpose


The most important tip is to make certain that your window treatments serve your purposes in the room of your home and also in that particular window. First, ask yourself what the main concern is in the room of your house. Is it privacy for a bathroom or bedroom? Is it energy efficiency because the window gets a lot of summer sun and heat in it or a combination of things? Sheer panels will give you filtered light for a room without a lot of sun in it, but they won’t give you a lot of privacy, and bathrooms need moisture-resistant fabrics.


Tips #2 Consider Your Room’s Aesthetic


You should also ask yourself what you want a particular room in your home to convey in an aesthetic. Is it for a cheerful child’s room, or is it for a formal area, such as a formal dining room or living room? Also, think about who will most often be in a room. In a living room in a home with children and pets, you want window coverings that can stand up to some abuse without being compromised as well as child-safe products. Floor-length drapes are not a good idea in living rooms where children and pets play because they cause a tripping hazard, and they are harder to keep clean if they are near the floor.


Tips #3 Familiarize Yourself With the Difference Materials


There is a huge amount of different materials that window treatment products are made from today. Fabric window treatments of any type are very bountiful and beautiful for any type of decor and style you want to portray. There’s an endless amount of textures, thicknesses, colors, patterns, and themes from which to choose. Window treatments made of fabric include shades, horizontal and vertical blinds, and drapery of all types.


If you prefer the look of stunning and gorgeous wood, you can choose wood blinds or shutters for an instant upgrade to timeless and classic window coverings with a level of formality, or woven wood shades for an informal appearance.


Tips #4 Window Covering options


The three main categories of window treatment options are blinds, shades, and shutters, and each has many styles within them as well for endless options.

Custom blinds can be made of wood, vinyl, polymer materials, or composite. You get a choice of the size of vanes, and a huge amount of colors, and you may choose either horizontal or vertical blinds

The window shades options include energy-efficient honeycomb shades, affordable and highly customizable roller shades, and woven wood shades for a coastal or beach-themed home.

Shutters will last you a lifetime, and they can be custom created in wood, composite, or vinyl in a large variety of colors to match your decor seamlessly.


Tips #5 Decide on your Budget


It’s important to decide on your budget before choosing your window treatments because the cost of different types of window coverings has many different price points. Using a window treatment professional can help you to get that look you want without breaking the bank. For example, if you love the look of wood shutters, but you don’t quite have enough in your budget, you can instead choose shutters made of other materials at a lower price point.


Tips #6 Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Quality


 You should always opt for the best quality window treatment products instead of choosing substandard products from a big box store. Your higher quality items will be made especially for you, they will fit perfectly in your windows and they will be much more long-lasting so you won’t have to replace them for years to come. Custom window coverings also give you many more choices in colors and styles to complement your home as well.


Tips #7 Consider the Window Coverings Style


Your window coverings style should also suit the rooms of your home. Some styles are more formal, and some are more casual. Hand-tailoring your window treatments makes certain that they match not only your color palette, but the theme in your home, so all of your rooms flow together fluidly.

Make Your St Louis Home Dazzling With the Right Window Coverings

At The Blind Broker of St. Louis, we understand it can quite overwhelming to choose your new St. Louis window treatments for your home with all of the choices available. We are your premier window covering specialist for shutters in St. Louis with the most styles available on the market. We carry only the highest quality products and back them with a guarantee as well. Contact us for a FREE in-home consultation with a professional designer for all of your shades, shutters, and St. Louis window blinds. We would love to create something special for you!

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