How to Create a Cozy Ambience with Fabric Window Shades

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When you choose a fabric window shade for your home, you have a huge array of different colors, textures and designs from which to choose. You can also have your shades customized in any manner you wish to make them truly your own creation with your personality and style in mind. You can make every room in your home seem very cozy with the addition of fabric window shades.

Considerations to Make Your Indoor Spaces Cozy

Fabric Window Shades

The aesthetic of your rooms is not only determined by the flooring, furniture, artwork and other decor, but a large part of the big picture is your window treatments. Choosing certain window treatments can make your home a place that is cozy, comfortable and inviting to all.

1. Lighting

It’s best to take advantage of natural lighting as much as you possibly can in your home. Sunshine flowing in through the windows gives your spaces a warm feel to them.

Different colors also elicit different feelings as well. White and shades of white will reflect the natural light and add a great brightness to a room. Yellow window coverings remind you of a sunny day for a warm room.

If you choose darker colors, keep in mind you will likely need to add more artificial lights such as lamps in your home to lighten it up for contrast. You can paint your walls a dark color that is rich and the window frames white for a high contrast space that will showcase your fabric window treatments in all their glory.

Roman shades are a lovely window treatment that can manipulate the amount of light that comes into your home, and they give your entire home an instant upgrade as well.

2. Layering Window Treatments

Layering your window treatments gives you a lot of latitude in deciding how you want your room to feel. You can choose honeycomb or woven wood shades and pair them with curtains or drapes in a beautiful print or striped pattern for a lot of interest in your home. For this to work at its best, choose a neutral color for the shades, no matter what types of shades you choose. The act of layering window products also gives you exceptional light control. Roller shades in a soft white or a tan color will work well with patterns that include the same color in them.

3. Size Matters

The best way to size your window treatments of choice is to use them to your advantage to make your windows look larger than they actually are. Interior designers often use this technique to trick the eye into thinking not only that the window is larger, wider and taller, but it makes the room seem overall larger as well. You can hang your window treatments near the ceiling to give them more height. Also, mounting your drapery rod 4 to 6 inches outward on each side of the window frame will make your windows look much wider, too.

4. Colors and Tones

Neutral colors make homes feel quite cozy as well. They create an informal feel that is very comforting. A great example of this is to use bamboo shades with a combination of hues in browns and greens. Warm colored metals can also bring forth a feeling of warmth in aluminum blinds. You can choose to add varying shades of one color if your main color palette is s single color in a space to create a flow through the room.

Window Treatment Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Fabric Window Shades

Fabric cellular shades are a great option for your windows. Not only are they very energy efficient, but they complement your rooms with straight and clean lines, just as roller and solar shades do. You can open them partially to let some sunlight inside but keep the majority of the heat out of your home in the summer

Window blinds are a great choice too. Rich faux wood is stunning and matches with any decor you have. They give you light filtering when you tilt the vanes open, so you don’t have glare from the sun, but you get the nice warmth.

Any window treatment that fits inside the window frame will not overpower a room to make it feel stuffy or cramped. They should be able to block light, so your home can stay at a comfortable temperature in the summer months. It’s a good idea to choose window coverings that are easy to clean, such as vertical blinds, so the upkeep is minimal.

Continuous cord loops for your method of controlling your window coverings of choice will also give you a more streamlined appearance than corded models with cords hanging down.

At The Blind Broker of St. Louis, we can help you decide on the treatments for any space in your home. We are your window treatment specialist in Missouri with over 40 years of experience in beautifying homes with the highest quality window treatments available. We guarantee our services and our products. Contact us for a complimentary in-home consultation, today!

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