The Best Value Faux Wood Blinds in St Louis

Faux wood blinds are man-made with a unique design, but they appear exactly the same as real wood blinds. You get all the same advantages plus more, and at a lower price point as well. This type of blind is perfect for all of the your windows in your entire home and they can be customized in several different manners to suit your taste in every indoor space.

Why Use Faux Wood Blinds in St. Louis

Faux wood blinds are an affordable option that looks great and matches any type of decor you have. They can be a stand-alone window treatment in a window by themselves, or you can layer other items on top, such as drapery. Faux wood blinds give you a feeling of warmth and comfort in your home to be very inviting to friends, family, and visitors.

These blinds are treated with a specialized product so they won’t yellow, fade, warp, crack or bend, making them a durable product for years to come. This also enables your blinds to be in areas of high humidity with temperature changes, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Wood blinds don’t hold up well in high heat or temperatures, but faux wood blinds will stand the test of time under these conditions!

Enjoy great privacy and lighting control with these blinds. Lower your blinds entirely and close the slats for perfect privacy in any room of your home. Control your lighting by raising or lowering your blinds to any height you wish. When they are raised all the way, there is nothing over the window, so you get a perfect view of the outside world.

Choose your color from a large variety of paint and stains. We can stain your faux wood blinds to match other aesthetics in your rooms, such as cabinets, trim work, or hardwood floors. Instead, you may choose to go with a neutral color or even a bright pop of color in a child’s room for depth and texture as a focal point.

You can choose from two slat sizes of 2-inch or 2.5-inch in your St. Louis faux window wood blinds. The larger slat sizes look best in larger windows, whereas the smaller slats would look too busy.

Add decorative tape to your faux wood blinds in a large assortment of colors and finishes to accent your blinds and make them your own unique creation.

Faux wood blinds are customizable for doors and windows that need cutouts for cranks and handles to fit perfectly and look amazing at the same time!

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What Makes It Special

Benefits of Using Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are customizable for doors and windows that need cutouts for cranks and handles to fit perfectly and look amazing at the same time!

Faux wood blinds give you an amazing amount of options and benefits as well, such as:

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Our Faux Wood Blinds Projects

Quality Fitted Faux Wood Blinds from St. Louis Blinds Experts

Contact us to learn more about custom faux wood blinds and all the advantages they can offer you. In your consultation, you can also explore other custom window treatment products that we carry, such as shades, window shutters, motorization, and outdoor retractable awnings. We are excited to meet you and create something unique and beautiful for your home!