Honeycomb Shades in St. Louis, MO

Honeycomb shades are the most energy-efficient choice for custom window shades in St. Louis. There are many other benefits associated with them and an almost infinite amount of options in your fabrics.

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Why Use Honeycomb Shades in St. Louis

Honeycomb shades are made specifically for energy efficiency for your home or business. Their unique design traps air in little cells between two layers of material and doesn’t allow it to enter your home. This keeps your inside spaces cooler in the summer without the need for as much air conditioning to stay at a comfortable temperature and save you on your energy bills.

In the winter, the cold air is trapped next to the window in the same manner to lower your heating costs. This results in a product of honeycomb shades in St. Louis that is highly energy efficient all year round to pay for itself in a short amount of time.

In windows that don’t get a lot of sunlight, heat and glare, you can use a thinner fabric to soften the straight lines in your home. When closed, this will give you filtered sunlight to brighten you indoor spaces so you won’t need artificial lighting for energy efficiency.

For windows that do get a lot of sunlight and heat in them, choose a thicker fabric for a room darkening product with great insulting features for energy efficiency.

If instead, you find a lightweight fabric that you truly love but you need it to block light and sun, we can add a backing to it to block more light but retain the beauty of the fabric.

Consider choosing a solid color fabric for your honeycomb shades and adding decorative fabric tape to it for an accent of color and patterns to give your windows more texture and interest.

You also have choices in the way your honeycomb shades operate. The traditional method uses a cord that you pull to raise your shades and lock it in any position you desire. For child safety, it’s best to choose an alternate method such as a cordless model or a motorized model. The cordless model raises and lowers by grasping the bottom rail and simply moving it up or down to position it. The motorized version can be programmed to open, close, and adjust at pre-set times or controlled with a remote control or your Smartphone.

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Benefits of Using Honeycomb Shades

You can reap all of these benefits from your custom honeycomb shades without sacrificing beauty, style and functionality:

Reasons to love honeycomb shades

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