Motorized Window Treatments in St Louis

Adding motorization to your custom window treatments gives you convenience, extra energy efficiency, great lighting control, privacy and many products from which to choose. Motorized products are easy to operate and program with the help of an app.

Effortless Functionality & Safety - Motorized Window Treatments in St. Louis

Add motorized window treatments to your Smart home hub to gain many more benefits from your home by programming pre-set schedules for all of your Smart devices at specific times of the day.

Gain energy efficiency for your house when your window treatments automatically close during the warmest part of the day, so you will use less electricity to keep your home cool. This can be in conjunction with having your Smart thermostat at a warmer temperature in the daytime while you are at work and then having it at a cooler temperature before you get home, so your home is nice and cool.

Gain great privacy and lighting control with your automated window treatments in St. Louis. Program your window coverings to open in the mornings, and close in the evenings for privacy and light control.

Add a layer of security to your home with automatically closing window treatments during the day when you aren’t there so no one from outside can see your belongings inside of your home.

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Window Coverings That Can Be Motorized Window Treatments

Several types of custom window treatments can be motorized for your conveniences, such as blinds, shades, and shutters, and many different styles within these types as well.


Choose from a large selection of window treatments in St. Louis of different styles of blinds to automate as your St. Louis motorized window treatments and save you time every day of physically opening, closing, and adjusting your blinds. You can add motorization to your wood blinds, faux wood blinds, or your metallic and aluminum blinds so you can operate them with ease. You can also adjust them while you are home with the touch of a button on a remote control, your Smart phone, or by voice command to your home assistant.


You have many options in the styles of window shades that can be motorized in your Smart home too. Many homeowners love this feature on their bedroom window treatments. You can program your shades to open in the morning and let the sunshine in to wake up peacefully and without a loud alarm clock. Types of automated shades range from casual woven wood shades, luxurious Roman shades, the clean lines of roller shades, and the energy-efficient cellular shades, and solar shades.


Indoor plantation shutters of all styles can also be motorized to adjust the tilt on the slats to any position you please. Note that the entire shutters won't open and close because they swing open from the window, but you get great lighting control by the tilting adjustments on the slats. You can add motorization to your custom beautiful wood or faux wood shutters, vinyl, and composite shutters.

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We offer FREE in-home consultations with a FREE estimate on all of our products. We would love to meet you and explain more about motorized window treatments of all types to help you choose which products will work best for you in each room of your home. The programs are very easy to use as motorized window treatments, and when we install them for you, we set them up and show you exactly how they operate for your ease of use.

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