Enhance Your St. Louis Home With Roller Shades

St. Louis roller shades can beautify your home instantly. You have literally unlimited choices of fabrics from which to choose, from light and lacey to thick and luxurious and everywhere in between. Roller shades are highly customizable and give you many different options.

Why Use Roller Shades in St. Louis

Roller shades are quite affordable as custom window treatments in St. Louis. They have simple and clean lines, and they can be anywhere from light filtering to room darkening, depending on the thickness of the fabric you choose.

Homeowners often choose thicker fabrics for their roller shades in bedrooms to be room darkening and to let them have peaceful sleep at night. This works exceptionally well for people who work at night and sleep in the daytime and for children’s rooms who may nap in the daytime.

Light filtering fabrics work best in windows that don’t get a lot of heat and sunlight in them. When they are down, your roller shades will allow diffused light into your indoor spaces to eliminate the need for artificial lighting. Consider a fabric with a lacey pattern in it such as flowers and the sunlight will illuminate the pattern inside as it shines through the fabric.

Fabrics come in solid colors, playful patterns, and beautiful bright prints in many different themes to match any decor you may have. You can add tape trim for decoration on them, or add a scalloped bottom hem to draw the eye to your window treatments as a focal point in any room.

Roller shades have a very simple method of operation in which they appear like a flat sheet of fabric when they are down, and when you raise them the fabric rolls up onto a cassette that is mounted at the top of the window to be out of sight. Since the operation is simplified without a lot of parts, it has fewer things that can create technical difficulties for a long lasting and durable product.

Roller shades are about the easiest type of custom window treatment to maintain. You can merely just dust both sides of the shade every so often or you can even vacuum them to remove any type of dust from them. Since they are flat when they are down, dust and debris doesn’t stick to them like some other types of window treatments, such as window blinds.

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Benefits of Using Roller Shades

You can reap the many benefits of customized roller shades in styles and colors that blend in with their surroundings, or a bright color or print for a pop of color in your indoor spaces. No matter what you are searching for in custom window treatments, you can find a roller shade that you truly love!

Reasons to love roller shades

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