11 Rustic Window Treatment Ideas

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The Experts Say Rustic Is Still Beautiful

Rustic window treatments remain an incredibly in-demand style, with innovative new twists making it a creative way to go for your curtains, shades, blinds, or shutters. While it easily adds charm to a room, homespun options are also simple and can be surprisingly inexpensive. 

Below, The Blind Broker of Saint Louis shares more about harnessing the best results from these charming window treatments and custom window shades in St. Louis.

Window Treatments for Rustic Charm That’s In Style

#1 Rustic Curtains

For a rustic curtain look, why not use horizontal or vertical striped linen curtains? They look fantastic in bedrooms, adding subtle detail in neutral colors.

#2 Farmhouse Style Shutters

Vintage-inspired metal hardware and wooden planks do wonders for kitchen shutters. These farmhouse-style shutters look great in any color to match your existing decor. Connoisseurs still consider these shutters the classic window treatments for a rustic look.

#3 Wooden Valance

While a wooden valance does not cover the window, it adds plenty of rustic charm. These DIY-friendly alternatives are an easy solution to add uniqueness to your space.

#4 Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds offer style and functionality in a bucolic-inspired package. They’re beautiful and easily adjustable based on your lighting needs. And when closed, they will block UV rays completely.

#5 Woven Shades

You can add an earthy, more natural look to your windows with woven shades. Thanks to their warm tones, they also complement wooden floors beautifully.

#6 Plaid Curtains

Large plaid curtains cover taller windows and add texture. Pair these curtains with color-coordinated furniture for a cohesive look that’s brimming with a countryside aesthetic.

#7 Loop Curtains

Most loop curtains are easily adjustable and come in a variety of patterns. While they take up minimal space, these curtains make excellent accent pieces in any room.

#8 Lace Shade

The vintage charm of lace filters light well but does not provide adequate shade. However, it’s perfect for a sheer, decorative addition.

#9 Café Style Curtains

Café-style curtains feature hemmed fabric mounted on a rod with curtain clips. These simple window treatments add a style point to the room without completely obscuring the window or view.

#10 Roman Shades

Roman shades are an environmentally friendly option, especially when made from natural fibers. They are a simple solution that can easily bring elegance to a dull room.

#11 Combination Treatment

Do you love the look of multiple treatment options? Mix and match to achieve unique results. 

For example, a lace shade with wooden shutters offers a bold but delicate accent. Another possibility is a wooden valance above a window outfitted with café-style curtains. The possibilities are endless. 

If you’d like more ideas for your space, be sure to contact a window specialist like The Blind Broker of Saint Louis to see how you might benefit from the different options.

Get Your Custom Window Shades in St. Louis

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