A Stylish Home: Different Types of Window Shutters for Every Room

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When it comes to decorating your home in style, the options for window treatments are endless. But if you’re looking for options that are high-quality, customized, and energy efficient, window shutters rise to the top of the list.

Shutters are a classic window covering that injects architectural detail, light control, and privacy into any room when properly selected and installed. Keep reading to discover some of the best shutter materials and styles to elevate every room:

Wood Shutters for Formal Spaces


If you want to add warmth and timeless sophistication, quality wood is the prime shutter material. Typically made of solid basswood or poplar wood, these offer durability and aesthetic detail. The natural grain provides an elegant finish. Wood shutters come in these recommended styles for formal spaces:

Plantation Shutters

With horizontal louvers in traditional rectangular frames, these are perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and libraries. The versatility of adjusting louvers allows you to control light, airflow, and privacy while maintaining an upscale ambiance.

Board and Batten Shutters

Featuring vertical boards connected by horizontal battens, these shutters have an attractive country cottage feel. They're ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms, and bonus spaces like garden conservatories that require airflow. The open batten design offers less privacy than louvers.

Composite Shutters for Casual Rooms

Brightwood Casual Room

If you’d like to recreate the handsome, polished look of wood shutters for heavy-use areas at lower cost, composite shutters are the solution. Composite mixes materials like vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and resin for durability and style. Ideal options include:

Fauxwood Shutters

Mimicking beautiful wood grain texture, faux wood shutters suit family rooms beautifully. The worry-free vinyl material resists moisture, dings, and UV damage while controlling light admirably. Stained faux wood colors range from golden oak to almost black tones.

Vinyl Shutters

With impact-resistant vinyl in clean, sleek lines, these lightweight shutters complement more modern rooms like home gyms, lofts, and sun rooms. Easy to maintain and operate, vinyl shutters deliver function, noise buffering, and versatility without a luxury price tag.

Vinyl Shutters for Baths and Beyond

woodlore plus shutters.jpg

Speaking of vinyl, it’s a standout pick for bathrooms, laundry and utility areas, home offices, and kids’ rooms. Inexpensive vinyl delivers excellent functionality in spaces prone to moisture and heavy activity. Plus, styles like café-style vinyl shutters open rooms to crisp brightness:

Café-Style Vinyl Shutters

These charming shutters feature lengthwise louvers, like window awnings at Parisian bistros. They’re perfect anywhere you’d like to filter light softly and add laid-back European character on a budget.

Blackout Vinyl Shutters

Kids and graveyard shift workers alike will appreciate vinyl shutters that block 100% incoming light effectively. These affordable options eliminate irritating slivers of light along window edges for peaceful dark sleeping environments.

Key Takeaways

Craft Your Ideal Home with Custom Shutters

Why choose average one-size-fits-all window coverings when you can install stunning shutters tailor-made for your home’s unique architecture and style?

Contact our team at The Blind Broker of St. Louis to schedule a design meeting at your home. Our certified experts will bring beautiful samples, take exact measurements of all windows and specialty shapes, recommend complementary pairings, coordinate flawless installations, and help customize the shutters of your dreams.

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