Surprising Benefits of Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters are a perfect choice for homes and offices. Homeowners have been installing plantation shutters for many reasons. There are a large number of benefits to installing these shutters in your home.

Easy to Maintain

Plantation shutters are incredibly easy to maintain due to the way they are constructed. These shutters are sturdy and can stand up to friction. This allows them to be cleaned with the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. They can also be wiped with a cloth. Their material is not delicate or easy to damage. Plantation shutters are easy to disassemble, too, which can save you a lot of time and money.

Energy Efficient

Plantation shutters are energy efficient. When looking for ways to create home improvement projects, homeowners select plantation shutters because of the way they seal against the window frame. This seal prevents air from the inside going outside and the air from the outside coming in. As a result, they are the best for keeping out the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. This is what makes them so energy efficient. According to Home Advisor, plantation shutters provide a 75% return on investment.


Plantation shutters are constructed from many different materials making them incredibly durable. Wear and tear show on some window coverings over time as a result of dust, extreme temperature changes, and sunlight. Plantation shutters resist cracking and fading while standing up to a large amount of humidity. They are ideal for hot kitchens and bathrooms that have a high amount of humidity. They are perfect for windows that are exposed to a large amount of sunlight.

Controls Light

Plantation shutters are also installed directly against the four corners of the window frame. Because the plantation shutters are flush against the frame, they reduce the amount of light that gets in along the edges. As a result, a homeowner is able to control the amount of light coming into the home. There is no glare on the television as the sun is setting. You can adjust the shutters to the perfect amount of light in your home.

Each homeowner has their own personal needs and requirements when it comes to window coverings. Plantation shutters offer homeowners a large number of benefits to consider before you buy your next window coverings.

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