Why You Should Invest in Custom Blinds

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Blinds, like other window treatments, are great for blocking out unwanted light, increasing energy efficiency, and improving the aesthetics of your home. When it comes time to shop for these coverings, most people go to stores to purchase ready-made treatments. However, these tend to only be available in a few sizes and styles which can limit your options for creativity and finding the perfect fit for your home. Here are some reasons to consider a custom blinds company for your window treatment needs instead.

Perfect Measurements

A custom blinds company will make the treatments to fit your window. Ready-made blinds only have a few size options, while home windows can be many different sizes. You can have an unusually shaped or sized window that does not have blinds available in stores. This means you won’t be able to find a solution that fits well in your home. The wrong size for window treatments can look very odd in your rooms.

Professional Installation and Designs

A window treatment professional from a custom blinds company will make the process much easier. They will look for options that suit your needs and preferences, including insulating and light qualities. They will walk you through the most affordable and efficient options for your windows. You want to choose the right colors, designs, and window treatments. Our experts will make great recommendations that fit your lifestyle and home.

Energy Efficient

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates the average home loses around 30% of its heating through windows. Additionally, in the summer, 76% of the sunlight coming through the windows becomes heat. Window treatments and blinds reduce the amount of energy lost. Custom blinds company window treatments are even more efficient in this way. Custom blinds fit better and therefore provide better insulation than store-bought blinds.

If you want windows that fit precisely and match your needs and tastes, invest in custom window treatments from a custom blind company. Custom blinds are worth the cost and trouble for all the long-term benefits they will yield. Contact us today to discuss your window treatment needs and preferences.

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