Excellent Custom Wood Blinds For St Louis Windows

Custom wood blinds are handmade out of beautiful real hardwood. Wood blinds are available in many different colors of paint and stain, so you can match them to your indoor spaces, decor, and style with ease. St. Louis wood blinds are fashioned to create an exceptionally warm and inviting aesthetic in any room of your home in St. Louis.

Why Use Wood Blinds in St. Louis

Wood blinds are loved by St. Louis homeowners for all of the many options, so they can be customized to look their best in any window size or shape.

Control your light and privacy in several different manners with wood blinds. You can raise them or lower them entirely or raise them to any height you wish to block sunlight, heat, and UV rays at the top of the window while leaving a portion open at the bottom. If you want some filtered light in your indoor spaces, you can simply tilt the vanes to let natural light into your home while being able to see outside at the same time.

Choose customized decorative fabric tapes to add a bit of your style and personality to your blinds in many different patterns, themes, and colors to match your decor and tie in all the elements in your rooms.

Premium hardwood blinds, such as St. Louis window wood blinds, can be paired with a cornice at the top to cover the mounting area at the top of the window, and to give it an over-the-top finished appearance as a decorative accent.

Choose a premium light blocking feature that reduces the size of the cord holes in each of the vanes and incorporates reinforced seams to reduce the light that can leak through standard blinds. This is especially helpful in bedrooms for light blocking or in any windows that get a lot of heat and sunshine facing west.

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Benefits of Using Wood Blinds

Wood blinds can offer a number of benefits for St. Louis homeowners. For one, they can provide excellent insulation against the hot summer sun. wood blinds can also help to reduce noise levels, making them ideal for homes located on busy streets. Additionally, wood blinds are very durable and require little maintenance, making them a great choice for families with young children or pets.

Reasons to love Wood Blinds

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